"Aim to help our customers achieve the end result they need in whatever is the most effective way for them. "

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About us

SMIIT is one of the fastest growing IT consulting, development and recruitment firm with operations covering predominantly in UK, Europe and India.

SMIIT was founded by a team of Domain experts, Technical Architects and Management Consultants with extensive experience in several industry verticals.

SMIIT offers complete spectrum of services to global clients with dedicated focus on technology and process optimization leveraging the people management expertise of certified professionals. Our team is dedicated to provide clients with talented leaders, high performers and skilled innovators who can contribute towards improved business performance, productivity and profitability.

SMIIT envisages itself as a globally recognized and respected company that is embedded with core values of integrity and self esteem that delivers maximum value and satisfaction to the customers and having preferred identity in their offerings as one of the best service providers.

We, by excellence of management, domain and technology, aim to grasp the great opportunities created by ever-increasing universal demand and make these excellences uniquely accessible in the form of varied services to all the entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurial practices.

Core Values:
Since its inception, SMIIT is governed by its core values.

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Customer Orientation
  • Entrepreneurship

Our core values shape the culture and define the character of company.

They clarify who we are, articulate what we stand for and guide us on making decisions.

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