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AdWords Account Management

Quick Stats

Direct your customers to your website from Google search results.
With effective keywords, get your paid ads to reflect over organic search results.
With regularly optiimized campaigns, outputs are measurable.


Google Platform.
Learn to post and manage Ads using the Google Platform.
Manage online
Manage online Ad campaigns to maximise reach and ROI.

Who Should Attend

  • Advertisement Professionals
  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Managers

Course Outcome

  • Know the potential of Google AdWords and the way to utilize the same efficiently.
  • Know how to post Ads using the Google Platform and use the Console to manage the Ads posted.
  • Get reports and statistics of how your Ads and Campaigns are doing online.
  • Maximise reach and ROI of the online campaigns.
  • Marketing or Sales Professionals will know how to best use the Google AdWords platform to efficiently promote or sell their product or services.
  • Enhance your online sales figure, by reaching the right set of buyers via the Internet


  • Introduction to AdWords
    • What is AdWords?
    • The Google Network
  • Account management
    • Set up an AdWords Account
    • Manage the AdWords Account
  • Campaign and ad group management
    • Make Campaign Strategy
    • Create an Ad Campaign
    • Manage the Ad Campaign
    • Create an AdWords Group
    • Know Your Ad Status


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