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Advanced C Programming

Quick Stats

Highly portable language with a variety of data types & powerful operators.
Structured programming language that makes program debugging, testing and maintenance easier.
The average entry level salary for professionals with the certification is 3lpa INR.


Software Development industry.
Best way to step into the Software Development industry.
multiple control statements
Guidance to learn programming logic with multiple control statements
strongest programming languages
C programming, is one of the strongest programming languages
programming skills
Establish a strong hold of programming skills
Reach out to the market as a Strong C++ Programme
Reach out to the market as a Strong C++ Programmer and find opportunities as Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer, Systems Engineer etc. Professionals with a certification in C++ earn anywhere between 3 - 9 lac INR per annum.

Who Should Attend

  • Application Programmers
  • Aspiring C Programmers
  • BSc - IT Graduates
  • BA/B.Com/BCA Graduates
  • MCA/MBA (IT) Graduates
  • PGDBA (IT) Diploma Graduates
  • Aspirants looking for great IT career

Course Outcome

  • Be a strong programmer with in-depth understanding of control statements, file operations, linked lists, and similar advanced topics.
  • You get multiple hands-on exercises that will strengthen your programming skills.
  • If you are an aspiring programmer, this program will help you establish a strong hold of programming skills. The certificate will definitely enhance your profile and help you get suitable programming jobs.


  • Introduction to C
    • Basics of C Language
    • Operators in C
  • Arrays and Pointers
    • Arrays
    • Pointers
    • Strings
  • Control Statements in C
    • Constructs
  • Functions
    • User Defined Functions
  • Memory Allocation
    • Storage Classes
    • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Files
    • File Handling Functions
  • Memory Allocation
    • Data Storage
    • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Advanced file operations
    • File Operations
    • Error Handling
  • Advanced Pointer Concepts
    • Pointers
    • Pointers and Arrays
    • Basics of Function pointers
  • Advanced Data Structures
    • Stack operations and its applications
    • Queue operations and types of queues
    • Linked List and its operations
    • Trees and Binary search trees
  • Searching and Sorting data
    • Searching Algorithms
    • Sorting Algorithms
  • DB Connection with Pro C
    • Intro to Pro C


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