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Basics of Financial Accounting

Quick Stats

Find opportunities as Account Executive, Accounting Officer, Financial Controller, Senior Accountant etc.
Entry level salary package for professionals starts from 2lpa INR
Professionals with expertise in financial planning & analysis, budgeting & forecasting etc. are in demand.


Know how it is different from book keeping.
Get introduced to Financial Accounting.
Financial Accounting.
Get to know the various stages

Who Should Attend

  • BBA Students/Graduates
  • MBA Students/Graduates
  • Aspiring Financial Accounting Professionals

Course Outcome

    After completing this course, the learners will be able to :
  • Know the limitations of accounting.
  • Understand the financial accounting concepts, principles, conventions, it’s purpose, limitations and accounting cycle.


  • Introduction to Accounting
    • Define accounting
    • Explain the purpose of accounting information
    • Identify the users of accounting information
    • List the various stages in an accounting cycle
    • Identify the major limitations of accounting
    • State the differences between “accounting” and “bookkeeping"


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