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C++ Developer Job Prep Stream

Quick Stats

Conditional compilation and simplified multithreading
It runs on the CLR, making it easy to integrate with components written in other languages
Professionals with a certification in C++ earn anywhere between 3 - 9 lac INR per annum


Know about Operating Systems
Know about Operating Systems, Network Systems, Database and Programming Concepts.
Software testing and Programming using C,
Hands on experience with Software testing and Programming using C,
C++ objected oriented concepts
Solve problems using C++ objected oriented concepts – Abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism
Strong C++ Programmer
Reach out to the market as a Strong C++ Programmer and find opportunities as Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer, Systems Engineer etc. Professionals with a certification in C++ earn anywhere between 3 - 9 lakhs INR per annum.

Who Should Attend

  • Application Programmers
  • Aspiring C++ Programmers
  • BSc - IT Graduates
  • BA/B.Com/BCA Graduates
  • MCA/MBA (IT) Graduates
  • PGDBA (IT) Diploma Graduates
  • Aspirants looking for great IT career

Course Outcome

  • Post this program you will be able to reach out to the market as a Strong C++ Programmer.
  • As a strong C++ Application Tester you can now test various case designs, identify defects in the applications and help the programmers with possible resolutions.
  • If you are an aspiring programmer, C, C++ programming will help you establish a strong hold of programming skills along with hand-on knowledge of UNIX and RDBMS. The program is designed to enhance your profile and help you get suitable programming jobs.


  • Computer Organization
    • Components of Computer System
    • Memory Subsystem
    • Input/output Subsystem
  • Operating System
    • Operating System: Terminology
    • Memory Management
    • Process Management
    • File Management
  • Computer Networks
    • Introduction to Computer Networks
    • Devices/Elements Network
    • Standards & Models
  • Database Concepts
    • Introduction to Database Management
    • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Programming Techniques
    • Software Programming
    • Software Design
    • Software Program Control Flow Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Testing
    • Introduction to Testing
  • Verification and Validation
    • Introduction to verification and validation
    • Verification Techniques
  • Levels of Testing
    • Testing Levels
  • Plan your Testing Activity
    • Test Planning
  • Design Your test Cases
    • Test Design Techniques
    • White Box Test Design Techniques
    • Black Box Test Design Techniques
    • Test Case Design
  • Test your Applications
    • Test Execution
  • Manage defects
    • Defect Management
  • Manage testing activities
    • Test Management Overview
  • Introduction to C
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Control Statements in C
  • Functions
  • User-defined Data Types
  • Memory Allocation
  • Files
  • Advanced file operations
  • Advanced Pointer Concepts
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Searching and Sorting data
  • DB Connection with Pro C
  • Overview of RDBMS Concepts
  • Data Retrieval, Transformation and Grouping
  • Joins and Subqueries
  • DDL, DML and TCL
  • DB Objects
  • PL/SQL Programming
  • Overview of UNIX
  • UNIX File System
  • Vi Editor
  • Command Redirection
  • Shell Programming
  • Need for C++
  • Introduction to C++
  • Object Oriented Programming – OOPS
  • Strings and Exception Handling
  • Templates (Generics) and Debugging
  • FILE - IO


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