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C++ Fundamentals

Quick Stats

C++ is the most widely used language with more than 1.5 million programmers worldwide.
Structured programming language that makes program debugging, testing and maintenance easier.
The average entry level salary for professionals with the certification is 3lpa INR.


Get trained
Get trained on basic skills required to step into the C++ programming world.
C++ compiler
A very good understanding on using the C++ compiler.

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring C++ Programmers
  • 10+2 Pass-out
  • BA/B.Com Graduates
  • Aspirants looking for an Intro of C++

Course Outcome

  • For an aspiring C++ programmer, this short course will help decide on why C++.
  • Appreciate the significance of this programming language after going through its history.


  • Need for C++
    • What is C++?
    • How & Why of C++
  • Introduction to C++
    • Setting Command Line Environment
    • HelloWorld Program at Command Line
    • Compilation in Steps


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