"Aim to help our customers achieve the end result they need in whatever is the most effective way for them. "

- Anonymous

Customer Relationship Management

Quick Stats

Leverage marketing activities for higher quality lead generation.
Average salary package for a CRM professional is 5 lakhs INR per annum.
CRM helps in improving customer experience.


Positive customer experience :
Learn to sustain and grow your business by creating a positive customer experience.
Create value for customers :
Reach out to customers, create value for them, monitor and maintain the relationship.
Customer relationships :
Examine the role of trust in customer relationships.
Build strong relationships :
Build a strong one-to-one relationship with new as well as existing customers.
Communicate with customers :
Explore different ways to communicate with customers.

Who Should Attend

  • Budding entrepreneurs.
  • Sales Professionals.
  • Management executives.
  • Business professionals.
  • Anyone seeking to improve their customer relationships.

Course Outcome

  • Classify your customers into broad categories and the ways to communicate with them.
  • Examine communication modes and styles that assist in building relationships with customers.
  • Examine the role of trust in customer relationships.


  • Developing Strong Customer Relationships
    • Reaching out to the Customer
    • Creating Value - The Moment of Truth
    • Maintaining Customer Relationships


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