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Digital Marketing Professional Program

Quick Stats

Digital marketing to create 1.5 lakh jobs by 2016
Salary packages vary between 5-20lac INR per annum, based on experience.
Find job opportunities as Online Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers etc.


Manipal ProLearn and Google India.
Joint certification by Manipal ProLearn and Google India.
Expert faculty trained by Google.
Intensive face-to-face sessions with expert faculty trained by Google.
Learning through Live Projects.
Hands-on learning through Live Projects.
Digital Marketing Manager in different industries
Find opportunities as Digital Marketing Manager in different industries. The entry level package for a professional is 3 lakhs INR per annum. For professionals with experience, the salaries can vary between 5-20 lakhs INR per annum.

Who Should Attend

  • Students with a management or engineering background
  • Individuals / beginners seeking career opportunities in the marketing domain
  • Professionals who want to shift to digital marketing or those who are beginners in the field of digital marketing
  • Marketing professionals who use digital marketing to meet their objectives
  • Web marketers who want to enhance their professional prospects in the marketing domain
  • Entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers who want to use digital media to improve their business performance
  • Professionals in marketing/ publishing/ e-business/advertising
  • Professionals who seek to improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course students will be able to
  • Implement successfully online campaigns for his business and marketing problems within the organisation
  • Analyse the way in which the Internet has changed the marketing mix elements and how organisations employ them creatively in the digital environment
  • Gain a fresh perspective on online marketing in a global scenario
  • Develop a multichannel strategy that delivers on your marketing objectives
  • Create online brand building initiatives that work
  • Drive change and foster innovation within your organisation
  • Integrate new digital marketing techniques into your strategic marketing plan
  • Discuss key stages in online development using relevant business models
  • Apply relevant tools and concepts to measure and monitor an annual online marketing plan.


  • Beginner's Module
    • Getting Started
    • Introduction to AdWords
    • Account Management
    • Campaign and Ad Group Management
    • A Quick Quiz
    • Keyword Targeting
    • Language and Location Targeting
    • Budgets and Bidding
    • Measurement and Optimization - I
    • Measurement and Optimization - II
    • Measurement and Optimization - II
    • Performance, Profitability, and Growth - I
  • Advanced Module
    • Managing Multiple Accounts
    • Search Fundamentals Review
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad and Site Quality
    • AdWords Tools
    • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
    • Optimizing Performance
    • Performance, Profitability, and Growth
    • AdWords API
    • The Google Display Network
    • Display Ads on You
    • Display and Video Ads on Mobile Devices


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