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Essential concepts of Business Strategy

Quick Stats

Organizations world-wide are adopting Business Strategy to discover why some industries are more profitable than others.
Identify threats to profits and potential remedies to those threats.
Professionals with a certification in Business Strategy earn anywhere between 3 - 7lac INR per annum, based on experience.


Importance of Business Strategy
Get to know the importance of Business Strategy in making an organizational structure or change.
Important Components
Know the important components of business strategy.

Who Should Attend

  • BBA Students
  • MBA Students
  • Industry Professionals across domains and Young Entrepreneurs

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to :
  • Know the need for having a business strategy in place.
  • Understand the consequences of an inadequate business strategy.
  • Know how to position the business to gain sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Introduction to Business Strategy
    • Explain the concept of business strategy
    • Explain the need for having a business strategy
    • Identify the essential components of a business strategy
    • Describe the consequences having an inadequate business strategy
    • Explain the concept of positioning
    • Describe the term sustainable competitive advantage


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