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Evolution of Business Analytics

Quick Stats

CIOs rank analytics as the #1 factor contributing to an organization's competitiveness.
Top performing enterprises use business analytics 5x more than lower performers.
Professionals with a certification in analytics earn anywhere between 5 - 12lac INR per annum.


Big data analytics.
Learn how to manage large volumes of data with big data analytics.
Current trends
Know the current trends in the analytics sphere.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Students
  • B.Com/M.Com Graduates
  • Aspiring Analytics Professionals
  • Job Seekers on Research, Big Data, etc.

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to :
  • Know the potential and future of business analytics.
  • With immense growth of Social Media platforms , understand the potential of social media analytics and the current trends in the market.


  • Future of Business Analytics
    • Describe the current trends that are likely to shape the future of business analytics
  • Big Data Analytics in the Enterprise
    • Describe the characteristics of big data
    • Describe how hardware and software technologies are helping analytics handle extremely large volumes of data
  • Social Media Analytics
    • Define social media analytics
    • Describe the capabilities and common goals of social media analytics


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