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Finance for Non-finance


Learn about accounting in 49 episodes
Comprises 49 episodes which unfold the learning of accounting, costing and finance.
Understand concepts better
Data tables to help you understand the concepts better.
Improve financial performance
Understand how tools such as working capital management and risk management helps us in improving financial performance.
Read financial statements
Learn to read the three financial statements: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement.
Ratio Analysis
Analyse financial statements using a tool called as ratio analysis.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone desirous of learning Accounting, Costs & Finance.
  • Ambitious executives who find lack of formal education in management or accounting or finance a handicap.
  • Those who have gone through the trauma of learning accounting the mechanical way.

Course Outcome

  • Understand six key accounting concepts: income, expense, asset, liability, inflow and outflow.
  • Understand how the three financial statements: balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement evolve from accounting data.
  • Construct these financial statements yourself.
  • Deal with cost data confidently which is an essential part of any business activity and anyone who is a part of a business must understand it in the right way.
  • This course provides you that learning in a business context and helps you easily master various cost concepts with real life data.
  • Appreciate how different aspects of business impact financial performance of an enterprise and understand how tools such as working capital management and risk management helps us in improving financial performance.
  • You would also get to know the cost of various sources of finance and how carefully we should deploy these sources in.


  • Episode 1
    • Vijay’s discovery - Protagonist & Storyline Introduction
    • Business framework for Vijay’s venture
    • The Significance of Money
    • Classifying Resources
    • Raising finance for Vijay’s venture
    • The Concept of Liability
    • The Concept of Assets
    • Indirect Financing
    • The Financing Strategy
    • The Legal Structures of Business
    • The Financial Year
    • The Traditional Accounting Process
    • The Concept of Income
    • The Concept of Expenses
    • The Concept of Depreciation
    • The Concept of Deferred Taxes
    • The Concept of Inflows & Outflows
    • Classifying Financial Information
    • Assets & Liabilities
    • Financial Statements
    • The Profit & Loss Account
    • The Cash Flow Statement
    • The Balance Sheet
    • Constructing financial Statements
    • “Accounto Tsar” - This game helps the learner to consolidate the understanding about the six categories of financial information, the three financial statements and the learner would experience how the financial statements evolve from raw accounting data.
  • Episode 2
    • Introduction to Costs
    • Classification of Cost
    • Cost Centers
    • The Costing Process
    • Activity Based Costing
    • Fixed and Variable Costs
    • Marginal Cost & Contribution
    • The Contribution Income Statement
    • Break-even Point and Margin of Safety
    • Cost Management
    • The Budgeting System
    • Cost Reduction
  • Episode 3
    • Review of Business
    • Analysis of Financial Statements
    • Analysis of Unique’s Financial Data
    • Working Capital Management
    • Risk Management
    • Finance for Expansion
    • The Concept of Leverages
    • Debt Financing Options
    • Cost of Equity Financing
    • Concept of Time Value of Money
    • Applications of Time Value Concept
    • Investing in Projects: Tools of Analysis


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