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IT Foundation Skills with C Programming

Quick Stats

Highly portable language with a variety of data types & powerful operators.
Structured programming language that makes program debugging, testing and maintenance easier.
The average entry level salary for professionals with the certification is 3lpa INR.


Develop Small Programs
Develop small programs using C as the programming language
Strong Programming
Develop strong programming and testing skill sets
Master the Concepts of Computer Organization
Master the concepts of Computer Organization, Operating System, Computer Networks
Find opportunities as Software Application Tester
Reach out to the market as Strong C Programmer and find opportunities as Software Application Tester, Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer, Systems Engineer etc. Professionals with a certification in C++ earn anywhere between 3 - 9 lac INR per annum.
Enhance your Profile
Enhance your profile and help you get suitable programming jobs

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring Programmers / Testers
  • BSc - IT Graduate
  • BA/B.Com/BCA Graduate
  • MBA (IT) Graduate PGDBA (IT) Diploma Graduate Aspirant looking for great IT career
  • Professionals who seek to improve the performance of their online marketing campaigns

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to:

  • Define the various components of a Computer Architecture.
  • Plan for various Test Cases to troubleshoot any software issue.
  • Develop small programs using C as the programming language
  • Have a strong programming and testing skill set.


  • Computer Organization
    • Components of Computer System
    • Memory Subsystem
    • Input/output Subsystem
  • Operating System
    • Operating System: Terminology
    • Memory Management
    • Process Management
    • File Management
  • Computer Networks
    • Introduction to Computer Networks
    • Devices/Elements
    • Network Standards & Models
  • Database Concepts
    • Introduction to Database Management
    • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Programming Techniques
    • Software Programming
    • Software Design
    • Software Program Control Flow Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Testing
    • Introduction to Testing
  • Verification and Validation
    • Introduction to verification and validation
    • Verification Techniques
  • Levels of Testing
    • Testing Levels
  • Plan your Testing Activity
    • Test Planning
  • Design Your test Cases
    • Test Design Techniques
    • White Box Test Design Techniques
    • Black Box Test Design Techniques
    • Test Case Design
  • Test your Applications
    • Test Execution
  • Manage defects
    • Defect Management
  • Manage testing activities
    • Test Management Overview
  • Introduction to C
    • Basics of C Language
    • Operators in C
  • Arrays and Pointers
    • Arrays
    • Pointers
    • Strings
  • Control Statements in C
    • Constructs
  • Functions
    • User Defined Functions
  • User-defined Data Types
    • Structures
    • Unions
    • Enumerations & Type conversion
  • Memory Allocation
    • Storage Classes
    • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Files
    • File Handling Functions


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