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Leadership Management


Motivate yourself :
Identify the pressure situations, develop self-motivation and overcome the roadblocks.
Measure your actions :
Measure the implementation of actions and initiatives.
Prioritize strategies :
Learn to prioritize the organization’s business strategies.
Execute business strategies :
Focus, prioritize and execute your organization’s business strategies.
Identify emotions related to pressure :
Identify personal and individual emotions related to pressure at work.

Who Should Attend

  • Middle-level and Senior-level leaders
  • Professionals looking for work-life balance
  • Budding Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals seeking to transform their leadership skills

Course Outcome

  • You can identify personal and individual emotions related to pressure at work.
  • You will know to explain the natural reaction that the learner takes when confronting with pressure situations at work.
  • Establish the difference between a reaction and a response.
  • You can examine the theories that surround motivation.
  • Learn the traits and attitudes of a highly motivated professional.
  • Describe the use of achievement motivation and relate the same to our own behaviour.
  • Prepare actions and initiatives to ensure that time and resources are spent on the right tasks.
  • Prioritize the organization’s business strategies.
  • Align people to the strategic intent for successful implementation of business strategies.


  • Performing under Pressure
    • Pressure and Its Triggers
    • Meeting Emotional Challenges
    • Building Resilience to Stress
  • Self-assessment and Motivation
    • The Fundamentals of Motivation
    • Personal Leadership
  • Leading Business Execution
    • Prioritizing Strategies
    • Engaging People
    • Building Accountability


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