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MIS – Functions and Strategies

Quick Stats

15% job growth projected by 2022
Find opportunities as Information Systems Manager, Database Administrator, Computer System Analyst and more.
Salary packages start at 2 lpa INR for freshers and can go upto 26.5lpa based on experience.


Bascis of MIS
Identify the basics of MIS and the benefits.
Learn the functions of MIS
In an organization and its importance for a successful outcome.
Effective MIS
Learn the importance of hardware and software for effective MIS in an organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Students
  • Engineering Graduates
  • BSc(IT) Graduates
  • BCA(IT) Graduates
  • Aspiring MIS Professionals

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to :
  • Work on the factors related to competitive MIS Strategies.
  • Justify the changes required for a better MIS for an organization.

Understanding MIS

  • Need for C++
    • Explain the basics of MIS
    • List the types of MIS
    • Describe the different MIS components
    • Identify the benefits of MIS
    • List the key functions of MIS
    • Describe the different MIS hardware components
    • Describe the eras of MIS development
  • Strategic MIS
    • Explain the fundamentals of strategic information systems Explain IT-induced reconfiguration
    • Explain the forces of competitive strategies
    • Describe the value chain and analyze the influence of IT on organizational goals
    • Explain IT-induced reconfiguration


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