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Mobile Marketing

Course Features


Mobile marketing is now a very important skill for any Digital Marketing personnel. A relevant keyword search on any leading job portals lead to many prominent roles/openings in the industry.

Implement various engagement parameters like Reviews and Ratings, to get back the lost mobile users.
Build key metric parameters in your mobile assets.
Build your mobile presence and implement some best practices
Leverage tools to integrate your offline world of advertising to digital.
Find opportunities as Mobile Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, Product Marketing Managers etc. The average salary for a Mobile Marketing professional vary between 2 lakhs to 16 lakhs INR per annum.


Instructor-led course spanning 100 hours of experiential learning.
Rich set of high quality exercises against each module
Comprehensive and modular set of learning content in the form of reading material, videos and webinars
Learn why and how mobile is changing the business and marketing industry, and importantly what you can do about it


  • Learn how you can market your business through SMS, QR Codes, Mobile Ads, etc.
  • You can evaluate whether to choose Text Based Ads or Standard Banners or Rich Media Ads, to succeed in the competitive marketing world, by implementing the best practices.
  • Know how best to market and distribute you app in the current ecosystem using Google AdWords.
  • Know the various business models to monetize your mobile presence.
  • Implement various engagement parameters like Reviews and Ratings, to get back the lost mobile users.

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  • Introduction : Why is Mobile Marketing ( MM) critical for success
    • The Indian Mobile Movement
    • Usage of Mobile, its unique strengths
    • Mobile Media consumption
  • Leveraging key Mobile Display Marketing Tools ( Part 1)
    • Opportunities in mobile marketing
    • What is display advertising
    • Display advertising ecosystem
    • Display Advertising Cost
    • Measure of success rich media
    • Measure of success videos
    • Creative best practices for display ads on mobile
  • Leveraging key Mobile Marketing Tools ( Part 2)
    • Introduction to Mobile Ads on Google Network
    • Overview of Mobile Ads on Google Adwords
    • Google Display Network for Mobile Apps
    • Ad Extensions for Mobile Apps
    • Mobile Social
  • Integrating Real World & Mobile
    • Introduction : Integrating Real World & Mobile
    • QR Code Promotion
    • Augmented Reality
    • Missed Call Format
    • IVRS in Cloud
    • SMS Marketing
    • SMS measure of success
    • Hotspot Marketing : Bluetooth (BLE), NFC
  • Usability & Building Your Mobile Presence
    • Importance and relevance of mobile presence
    • What is the User Interface?
    • What is the User Experience?
    • Why is Mobile web presence critical for success
    • Mobile Web UI: Best Practices
    • Mobile Web Analytics
    • Mobile Search Optimization
    • Ecosystem Overview: Mobile Apps: Native versus Hybrid versus Mobile Web
    • Mobile Apps: UI / UX Frameworks
    • Mobile App : Best Practices
  • App Marketing , Organic downloads
    • Building your App Store Presence
    • Alternative App Stores
    • Why is ASO important
    • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    • Application of ASO
  • App Marketing , Building engagement and Metric
    • App Metric that matter
    • Calculating Estimated Cost per Install (eCPI) and other media buying metric
    • Set up Analytics for Mobile App
    • Create app engagement through Push notifications
    • Create app engagement through in app advertising
    • Improve Ratings & Reviews
    • Leveraging Press & Blogs
    • Need for independent App Install Tracking
    • App Deeplinking
    • App Indexing Profiling Mobile App Users
    • Profiling Mobile App Users

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