"Aim to help our customers achieve the end result they need in whatever is the most effective way for them. "

- Anonymous

Negotiation Skills


Flexible type of negotiation :
Adopt a flexible type of negotiation with customers and external stakeholders.
Close customer deals with ease :
As an entrepreneur, learn to negotiate and close customer deals with ease.
Find solutions :
Get the best possible solution to a particular business problem or transaction.
Better sales performance :
Improve your sales performance record through the use of negotiation skills.
Influential and convincing :
Influence and convince people to take appropriate action without the use of power or control.

Who Should Attend

  • Budding entrepreneurs
  • Sales Professionals
  • Management executives
  • Business professionals
  • Anyone seeking to improve their negotiation skills

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to:
  • Assess your own personal orientation towards negotiation.
  • Examine the key concepts of negotiation—positions, interests and principles that will help to gain the maximum at any deal.
  • Devise a positive approach to negotiations.
  • Explore ways of developing unique negotiation methods depending on the parties involved in the negotiation.
  • Examine the benefits of interest-based approach to negotiation in contrast to conventional negotiation techniques.
  • Explain the tactics and strategies that aid in successful persuasion.
  • Determine the best strategy and tactic to be deployed in a negotiation process.


  • Planning for Negotiation
    • The Fundamentals of Negotiation
    • Preparing a Negotiation Plan
    • Executing the Negotiation Plan
  • Persuasion
    • The Fundamentals of Persuasion
    • Principles of Persuasion
    • Persuasion Skills


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