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Python Basics

Quick Stats

It is much easier to use Python to write great codes.
Python is more readable than most other programming languages.
Professionals with a certification in Python developer score packages between 4 - 11lac INR per annum, based on experience.


Programming model
Learn about Python's programming model.
Program using Python.
Learn to write a simple input output program using Python.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Students
  • Engineering Graduates
  • BSc(IT) Graduates
  • BCA(IT) Graduates
  • Aspiring Python Professionals
  • Experienced Software Engineers
  • Experienced System Analysts

Course Outcome

  • You will be able to clearly understand the need for Python by knowing its history and progress.
  • Understand Python's programming model and basic data types.


  • Need For Python
    • What is Python?
    • Progress of Python
    • Success of Python
    • Programming Model of Python
  • Introduction to Python
    • Python Installation
    • Simple Input/Output
    • Basic Data Types


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