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Understanding Hadoop 2.0

Quick Stats

Hadoop has been leading open source Big Data framework.
73% of organizations have already invested or plan to invest in big data by 2016
Big Data Specialists earn salaries anywhere between 6-15lac per annum.


Understand Hadoop 2.0
Understand why is Hadoop 2.0 better than Hadoop 1.0
Various Solution
Know the various solutions provided by Hadoop 2.0 .

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Students
  • B.Com/M.Com Graduates
  • Software Professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • ETL developers
  • Project Managers
  • Testing Professionals

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to: Clearly identify the pointers on when to upgrade from Hadoop 1.0 to Hadoop 2.0.


  • Hadoop 2.0 & Apache Oozie
    • Identify challenges with Hadoop 1.0
    • Discuss solutions provided by Hadoop 2.0 in terms of YARN
    • Explain Hadoop 2.0 Process Flow
    • Describe Apache OOzie as a scheduling service


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