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UNIX File System

Quick Stats

Unix provides true multi-user, multitasking, protected memory operation, while using a minimal amount of memory.
Runs on different hardware platforms, making it easy for users to install on whatever hardware they choose to use.
Find jobs as Senior Technical Consultant, Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer etc. and earn anywhere between 3 - 11lac INR per annum.


OS file system
UNIX is one of the most complex but reliable and sought after operating system in the enterprise. This course will help you know and gain a hands-on experience of the OS file system.
UNIX file system
Learn how to use various utilities in the UNIX file system.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Students
  • Engineering Graduates
  • BSc(IT) Graduates
  • BCA(IT) Graduates
  • Aspiring UNIX Software Professionals
  • Experienced Software Engineers
  • Experienced System Analysts

Course Outcome

  • Gain a fair knowledge of the UNIX file system ranging from its architecture to security.
  • Get a very good understanding of how to access and manage files in UNIX. Also learn to use a powerful editor to write and browse codes.


  • UNIX File System
    • UNIX File Organization
    • Files in UNIX
    • UNIX File Characteristics
    • UNIX File Operations
    • UNIX Directory Operations
    • UNIX File Security
    • UNIX Disk Operations
    • Accessing UNIX Files
    • UNIX Compression Utility
    • UNIX File Archiving


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