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Unix Operating System

Quick Stats

Unix provides true multi-user, multitasking, protected memory operation, while using a minimal amount of memory.
Runs on different hardware platforms, making it easy for users to install on whatever hardware they choose to use.
Find jobs as Senior Technical Consultant, Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer etc. and earn anywhere between 3 - 11lac INR per annum.


software development
Increases employment opportunities in software development
Utilities to interact
Write commands and utilities to interact with the SHELL
Enhance your skills
Enhance your skills and knowledge of operating systems.
Programming platform upon registration
Immediate access to the online programming platform upon registration
Find opportunities as Senior Technical Consultant
Find opportunities as Senior Technical Consultant, Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer etc. Professionals with a certification in Unix Operating System earn anywhere between 3 - 11lac INR per annum.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Students
  • Engineering Graduates, BSc - IT Graduates, BCA Graduates (Information Technology Specialisation)
  • Professionals who want to become software programmers can obtain enormous exposure to UNIX shell.
  • Fresh graduates/Software engineers/System Analysts having 0-2 years of experience in the Industry

Course Outcome

After completing this course, the learners will be able to :
  • Appreciate the philosophy and architecture of UNIX
  • Understand ways to access and manage files on UNIX
  • Learn to use a powerful editor to write and browse code
  • Combine special UNIX utilities to present data in a structured manner.
  • Automate repetitive tasks using simple UNIX programming constructs
  • Describe various UNIX tools to debug and analyse your programs
  • Solve problems relating to text processing using Unix Pipes and filters
  • Write Unix commands to interact with the Shell
  • Write batch scripts using shell scripting
  • Write batch scripts using shell scripting


  • Overview of UNIX
    • Introduction to UNIX
    • Components UNIX
    • Flavours of UNIX
    • Introduction to UNIX Kernel
    • Understanding UNIX Kernel I
    • Understanding UNIX Kernel II
  • UNIX File System
    • UNIX File Organization
    • Files in UNIX
    • UNIX File Characteristics
    • UNIX File Operations
    • UNIX Directory Operations
    • UNIX File Security
    • UNIX Disk Operations
    • Accessing UNIX Files
    • UNIX Compression Utility
    • UNIX File Archiving
  • Vi Editor
    • Overview of Vi Editor
    • Vi Methodology
    • Vi Command Mode
    • Searching with Vi
    • Vi Insert mode
    • Vi Configuration
  • Command Redirection, Pipes and Filters
    • UNIX Filter Commands
    • Understanding I/O Redirection
    • Appending with Redirection
    • UNIX Regular Expressions
    • More about Regular Expressions Finding files in UNIX
  • Shell Programming
    • Overview of UNIX Shell
    • Types of Shells
    • Overview of UNIX Bash Shell
    • Environment Variables
    • Shell Variables
    • Success Status of UNIX Commands
    • UNIX Shell configuration
    • First Shell Script
    • Shell Script Arguments
    • Condition Evaluation
    • Shell Decision Making
    • Making Selections in Shell
    • Shell Repetition


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